Though he is a clarinetist by training, Doug Spata's experience as an orchestra teacher has led him to compose primarily for strings. His unique style has made his works favorites among teachers, students and audiences and his award-winning music has been performed around the U.S. and the world. Besides music for student musicians, Mr. Spata has composed an opera, ballet scores, symphonies and many other orchestra and chamber works for ensembles of all sizes.

Doug Spata was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1975 but spent a short span of his childhood in Kandy, Sri Lanka - an experience that sparked the lifelong interest in world cultures that informs much of his music.  Mr. Spata's other interests include, art, movies, and history, all of which have influenced his compositions. He currently lives in Ohio.

The driving rhythm, melody in all parts and ability to help students learn to use music to tell a story are many of the reasons I have found [Gargoyles] to be part of our standard repertoire.
— Megan Zalokar, Orchestra Teacher, Aurora, IL